Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a great summer!!

Here is a quick update of the going ons at the Kellam house:

June was a month for birthdays - on the 17th Scott celebrated his 51st b-day! yes, I said 51!!!!! We recognized this "historic" event by attending a birthday party for Troy (our grand son!!) who turned 5 the following day (so, June 18th) Jon and Court made hamburgers/hotdogs and had a few friends over. It was fun to watch all the little ones run around, they sure are growing up fast. Troy will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, seems like only yesterday when he was born. Of course, it seems like yesterday when Chase and Paige were born too!!! Jon and Courtnie are doing great, Jon is still in the elevator business and Court is running her store like the pro she is, they are renting a cute house a couple miles from us and are raising kids and livin life!! Princess Isabelle (well, we think so anyway!) is fabulous, she LOVES shoes - she will wear every shoes in mine and Babet's (Paige) closest during an afternoon at Nina and Papa's. She is the spitting image of Court and Paige including her ATTITUDE!! I would like to blame Scott for that one but, I think I am mostly responsible - LOL! She is definitely the apple of our eye!!

Scotty is still in Georgia (sure would like to have him closer to home!!!) (yes, son that was a hint!! LOL) He is selling motorcycles and seems to love living the life of a bachelor. He and Scott talk several times a week but, he really should call me more often!! (another hint!!)

Chase has been playing golf with Scott (they try and play at least once a week) he has such a great swing and like Scott can knock the c**p out of the ball. He is really enjoying his time with dad on the course and is improving with each outing! His soccer team is moving to a higher division (tougher competition!) this fall so will begin training again in July. He will also be playing football for the school in the fall so the endurance training will help with both sports. Scott took the kids deep sea fishing a couple of weekends ago, Paige opted to skip the fishing expedition in favor of the beach (that's my girl!!) but, missed the 3 foot King Mackerel Chase caught! They released it back to the sea after taking a few photos with their camera phones, I will try and post those pics later! Oh yeah, Chase is now the TALLEST in our family (I know it really didn't take much!!LOL) but he is growing like a weed!!!

Paige is well, Paige!! She attended soccer camp at Trinity University with her friend and team mate Chickie and had a blast! She is really enjoying sleeping in and shopping (I think she get that from my Mom - haha) this summer, but I know that she is anxiously awaiting being a middle schooler (hard to believe, isn't it!) She will also begin soccer training in July which is great since she misses it so much!! She is so pretty and fun loving, we may have a tough time keeping the boys away but Scott says he is up for the challenge!! LOL

Both kids will go to Hermann Sons overnight camp on July 20 for an entire week!!! I am excited now for the break but know after about 2 days I will miss them more than they miss me!! LOL

Probably a lot I left out but, will leave you wanting more :)

Let us know what is happenin in you neck of the woods!

Life is short!
Break the rules! Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably
.And never regret anything that made you smile

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Susan said...

I love your posts! Think of you and miss you all. Maybe I can scrape enough cash up to come back for Thanksgiving. Would hate to miss that tradition...

Love to all!!